My review over the Lux Fandom

Published October 28, 2014 by mrsjennyreads


The Lux series has a big fan following, right now. So, I wanted to read it and see what the hype was about

Damien Black is an alien. Katy is the girl next door–a blogger, like myself–that falls in love with Damien, over time, and becomes best friends with his alien sister, Dee.

Obsidian, the first book, was very well-written, as was the second book. But, the third and fourth books were very disappointing to me. The last book, Opposition, I did not like the ending. I didn’t even bother to read the novella at the end.

I think Armentrout is a very good writer; I will give another book of hers a chance, but it will be a while because the last three books in this series were not as good as I hoped. If anyone has read anything else by her that they would recommend, please let me know.


2 comments on “My review over the Lux Fandom

  • Hey Jenny, JLA’s Covenant Series is phenomenal! It is based on mythology- with appearances by various Gods & Goddesses, as well as their half children. It reminds me of what I have read of the Percy Jackson Series with JLA’s amazing writing skills. Good luck, and I hope you check it out. It was waaay better than Lux, IMHO (:
    Morrighan @ Elysian Fields.

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