Order of the Dimensions By: Irene Helenowski

Published November 6, 2014 by mrsjennyreads


I think this book puts a unique twist on a common sci-fi premise, adding a bit of complexity to the mix when dealing with how the item known as the “Multiverser” works. The way characters see when travelling held some real interest. On the idea, alone, I’d say the book was fine. Where the problem comes in is lack of editing and revision. That is usually the plague of not seeking an avenue through a traditional publisher. With such a storyline, this book could have done well with more length. There needed to be better development of character and of the surroundings. People have mentioned the “showing and telling” aspect of the work, but, ultimately, the idea of showing and telling is only as important as the writer is good. Either approach can be used and, if utilized properly, can work as well as the other. The key is in the telling. This book, as I said, simply needed more build. It was too short for the potential it possessed.


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