Sneak Peak in a New Release for 2015

Published December 15, 2014 by mrsjennyreads

I would like to say thank you first to Tor-Teen for giving a early ebook of THE GLASS ARROW.

Utterly captivating read both for having an engrossing story to tell and also for the sheer haunting poetic verse of the prose. As a big fan of YA, I have to say that Kristen Simmons is right at the top and has written one of the genre’s most tour-de-force novels. She truly is the master of the dystopian and she weaves her tales with such conviction for the human struggle. For any who is a fan of dystopian, YA, or Kristen Simmons–of if you’re just a fan of superb writing at the hands of a true literary craftswoman whose artistry seemingly knows no bounds–then you MUST read this.

I do not want to spoil anything because the entire novel is worth the read–word for word. I will give nothing away, but I’ll let you turn the page. Kristen Simmons has written a masterpiece of YA Dystopia.

Thank you, Ms. Simmons.

The GLASS ARROW hits store’s  February 10th 2015!


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