Start the new year reading Amanda Hocking’s new book Frostfire!

Published December 19, 2014 by mrsjennyreads


In a time when this genre has had a tendency, at times, to become formulaic with the strong-female-character-falls-in-love-with-deceptive-bad-boy motif, it sometimes is hard to find an author who puts a new twist on things. Well, Amanda Hocking managed to accomplish that by making us care about a mythological creature no one else has even tried to do before: the troll. The detail of the troll community–it’s ways and customs, and the surroundings–is engrossing. The strength of this novels lies in that and in the character building. Hocking gives us characters to love and despise and root for and care about, making the somewhat familiar storyline seem much more alive. This tale, while written in a very matter-of-fact type prose, presents us with captivating conflict and thought-provoking spirituality. Fans of the genre, I highly recommend this novel. This book hits store’s everywhere January 6th 2015!

Coming  May 5th 2015 book two!



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